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Kuching Car Rental FOR BUSINESS

Business lease cars are important to your companies’ day to day success. Since 2013 we have leased large business lease fleets as well as individual lease cars or vans for smaller businesses in Kuching.

Leasing your vehicle allows you to have a good quality vehicle and without having to worry about vehicle depreciation. A lot of companies like the benefit of being able to frequently upgrade their vehicles on lease and simply handing back the vehicle is much simpler than attempting to sell privately. You also do not worry about repairs, servicing and mileage of the vehicle.


Leasing a car brings you benefits such as:

  • Lower monthly payment compared to car rental
  • Convenience – insurance, road tax, servicing and maintenance all taken care by Zingo
  • Complimentary replacement vehicle during vehicle servicing, accident & breakdown
  • Complimentary 24-Hour breakdown assistance in Sarawak, Malaysia
  • Driving conveniences such as GPS, DVD Players and Child Seats
  • Lower upfront funding compare to outright purchase & hire purchase
  • Cost saving on administrative, maintenance and others cost
  • No Risk of Residual Value-Vehicle is simply returned to Zingo at lease-end
  • Hassle Free on Disposal of vehicle
  • Allows staff to concentrate on your core business without the additional overhead often required to manage and administer your fleet in-house
  • Lease rentals are usually tax-deductible (except for luxury vehicles) when the vehicle is used to generate assessable income

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